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She really has no limits to how low she can go!

Blac Chyna decided it would be a good idea to post this Instagram video of some random dude kissing her on the forehead yesterday, and you just know she's trolling Rob Kardashian with this! During his epic social media rant, the sock designer claimed that his former fiancee had slept with half a dozen men in just one month, and it appears she's adding at least one more to that list.

The former stripper has a restraining order on her baby daddy so the drama has died down, but behind the scenes, the K clan is trying to get Rob to a place where he no longer cares about what the video vixen does or says.

The idea that anyone in the family would ever turn their backs on Rob is silly. They’ll never be ‘done’ with him. He’s in their family. He’s their brother and son. Have things reached the point of throw your hands up in the air like, ‘I’m done with this,’ yes. But they will never turn their backs on Rob, even after they were horrified by him acting out with Chyna. Simple as that," a source recently dished to People.

"Rob is very stubborn. It took him forever to admit it was a terrible idea to get involved with Chyna. He is finally admitting it now and feels very bad. He especially feels bad about the latest drama and regrets it. He trusted Chyna and flipped out when he realized she was hooking up with other guys. He got overheated and it was a spontaneous reaction of of anger. This is not the person he wants to be," the source added.

Every time he turns around, BC is knifing him in the back!