She probably wanted to return the baby, too!

Blac Chyna claims that she gave Rob Kardashian back all the stuff he bought her, but we're not sure we're buying it. The former stripper made the statements on GMA with her lawyer, and we have a feeling she's trying to craft an image that's not a gold digger.

"Once he posted all these things on the Internet, I had my two assistants drive the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, and took all the jewelry back to his house. Actually, to his mother’s [Kris Jenner] house, and had it dropped off. And I also gave him back his wedding ring," she said.

"Because I’m not gonna let this man buy me — or make it seem like he could just buy me and give me gifts and treat me any way, and talk to me nasty," she added.

We doubt her makeup and ugly clothing line is going to bring in the big bucks, so she better figure out who to bang next!