Wow -- Jennifer Garner's searching for something! Perhaps relief from the stress of estrange hubby Ben Affleck's recent publicizing of his long-time relationship with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus -- an affair that was going on way before Jen filed for divorce.

The actress visited a neurofeedback therapist in LA, on Wednesday -- so what is that? It's a technique that uses the analysis of EEG brainwave readings to track the ever-changing brain and provide feedback to help guide these changes in the right direction. At least that's what the therapist's web site says ...

Neurofeedback's most notorious use is by the Church of Scientology in the auditing process. The analysis of EEG information and reaction to it, is said to be able to cure or at least help with epilepsy, to help reduce symptoms of autism and to treat migraines, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Is Jen suffering from anxiety and sleepless nights because of Ben's affair? Well one thing we can see clearly -- she looks great; she always has a smile on her face; she exercises daily and she's certainly holding it together for the kids, if not for herself!

Garner visited the brain guru for just over an hour this afternoon and our photographer says, she looked "at ease": "Jen always seems calm; she looked thoughtful as she went into this home office for therapy. And when she came out, she was at ease, but looking down. It looked like she had a lot going on in her mind."

We hope it's nothing a little retail therapy can't fix! The actress hit Santa Monica for some shopping after her appointment and frankly, sometimes a new pair of shoes does something for a woman that no doctor can!

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