Not the best end to his night.

Justin Bieber accidentally ran over a paparazzo with his monster truck as he left a church event last night in Beverly Hills, and rather than acting like an entitled punk, the singer actually jumped into action and stayed with the victim until authorities arrived. When he arrived earlier in the night, our sources say he was "cranky" and didn't want to be photographed, but that all went out the window when the incident happened and he realized the severity of the situation.

Our photographer tells X17online:
    "Justin was surrounded by photographers who were yelling questions at him as he waited for the police, but he kept his cool. He seemed solemn and worried about the man he hit, and he looked like he was trying to keep it together. All the photogs actually felt bad for him, and were offering to be a witness in his defense. It was an innocent mistake, but you could tell he was getting increasingly stressed as the commotion grew."

A source close to The Biebs also dished to us that he saw this as a sign from God.
    "Justin is starting to really feel the ugly side of fame. He doesn't want all this attention, and this accident was just proof that the high-profile life he's been living isn't what he wants. He's been turning to spirituality and his faith for answers. He feels trapped because a lot of people rely on him financially, and he craves a normal existence."

We've gotta say, this video of JB and his "second father" pastor Carl Lentz is a little creepy. We hope he's not becoming what Tom Cruise is to Scientology!