Kanye West looked a little too happy Friday and maybe this was why!

After former mentor and business partner Jay-Z rapped about Kanye allegedly borrowing $20 million on his new album 4:44, Kanye hit back, by splitting with Jay's Tidal streaming music service.

Kanye claims Tidal owes him a bonus of more than $3 million for bringing 1.5 million new subscribers to the service when he released his album The Life of Pablo in February 2016, according to TMZ.

Apparently Kanye's lawyers have sent letters to Tidal recently, terminating the rapper's contract with the online service. West was one of the celeb co-owners of Tidal and he claims he wasn't reimbursed for his music videos that were streamed on the service but Tidal reps say Kanye didn't deliver the videos by the set deadlines.

Will Yeezy and Hova end up in court?! Looks like it!