This is one of the weirder headlines we've ever had to write...

Kendall and Kris Jenner secretly snuck into Kathy Griffin's home and tried on a variety of her wigs, and the comedienne posted about the incident on Instagram. In case you didn't know, the funny lady literally lives right next door to Kim and Kanye, but we had no idea she was this close with the KarJenner clan.

"[Kris] has already come over twice. One time she came over, and she opened the window and started yelling at Kim and Kanye and I said, ‘Stop it! You are not getting me kicked out!’ because when I say they’re next door, I mean 15 ft, I don’t mean nearby," she previously told People.

The stand up queen didn't mind the invasion of privacy, though, and couldn't help but crack a joke about the whole thing.

"BREAKING These 2 @kendalljenner @krisjenner characters somehow snuck in to my home and tried on my ‘magic hair’. Ginger envy!!!” she captioned the pic on social media.

How did we not know that this whole time, Kathy Griffin was wearing wigs?!