Let's hope this animal fares better than a lot of the other ones!

North West hit the park with a nanny and her new puppy Sushi yesterday, and we've gotta admit that dog is adorable! Kim and Kanye bought the pooch as a birthday gift for their daughter, but they also thought taking care of the little fluff ball would prep Nori for another baby sibling. She shouldn't count on a playdate with Blue Ivy in the near future, as Yeezy and Jay-Z are currently feuding.

The rappers have yet to call a truce, but Kimmy K is so over it!

"Even though Kim doesn’t feel like she needs to be BFF’s with Beyonce and Jay-Z, she can see how much this feud is upsetting her husband and she wants it to end. She hates to see him hurting and she knows the pain isn’t good for him. Kanye is more upset about his feud with Jay & Beyonce than Kim is," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"There was a time when all Kim wanted was for Beyonce and Jay to accept her but she’s over it, she doesn’t feel like she needs their approval anymore. It’s kind of ironic because she’s a big part of the reason this whole feud started. She used to get so upset over Beyonce and Jay-Z snubbing her and that infuriated Kanye. He still can’t believe that his own friends would disrespect his wife. The fact that Kanye always been a super supporter of Beyonce, makes this feud all the more painful for him," the source added.

Nori has it a lot better than poor Dream!