If this doesn't confirm President Trump is the most unpatriotic president this country has ever had, the most ignorant of the Constitution and the First Amendment, I don't know what does ...

The leader of the free world Tweeted a video Sunday morning -- just ahead of our nation's July 4 Independence Day on which we celebrate our country's founding father's who gave us liberty and justice for all -- that shows a likeness of the President beating up the media -- specifically, CNN. It is beyond childish, it is a literal bashing of the media through a violent visual that only serves to confirm that Trump is not fit to serve. As former CBS anchorman Dan Rather says:

    "Another day, another series of attacks by the President of the United States against the press. With the latest video tweet of Mr. Trump in essence symbolically attacking CNN, we once again witness the dangerous debasing of our democratic institutions.

    To be outraged is obvious, but increasingly I feel the creep of dread and sadness. Dread at a sense that no one knows, least of all I fear Mr. Trump, where this all may lead. And sadness that this spectacle is now the norm of the United States."

This is where we are, folks; and as the Fourth of July is neigh, let's try to forget this idiot attack on our sacred institutions and "Stand up for what you believe and resist the powers that be ... so that the children can be free ..." Yeah, Neil Young's new single's pretty cheesy, but we prefer cliched lyrics about real patriotism to the anger and violence Trump promotes! Happy 4th, y'all!