This sounds pretty par for the course these days!

Scott Disick was totally hammered and walking around a Hamptons bar asking for oral sex this past weekend, Daily Mail reports.

"He was sloppy drunk. At one point he just walked over to two girls and started grabbing them, then screamed out: "I want my d*** sucked,"' a source dished to the outlet.

This comes on the heels of The Lord denying that he's a sex addict, but he sure sounds like one!

"I would say I think it's a little rude that everybody keeps addressing me as a sex addict. I just like sex, but I'm not a sex addict. I said that in a humorous, joking fashion on the show and now I'm getting billed as one, and it's not the case. I do like sex, but I am not an addict," he recently told E! News.

This outburst isn't bound to go over well with baby mama Kourtney Kardashian. TMZ reports the eldest K sister has agreed to amicably co-parent their kids, but there are rules involved. She wants him to curb his wild partying, and to respect that she's moved on with model Younes Bendjima. They even took a family vacation to Nantucket last week to prove to their children they are capable of getting along.

The countdown to rehab starts now!