We wonder when it's gonna dawn on him that he let his meal ticket get away!

Tyga hit the white party at Nobu in Malibu yesterday for the Fourth of July, and he brought a bunch of trashy chicks along with him. The rapper has been lying low since his split with Kylie Jenner, and we have a feeling he has no other choice. He's never going to get the type attention he was getting when he was dating the LipKit mogul.

Speaking of Ky, she recently covered up her "T" tattoo to say "LA," and is getting more serious with Travis Scott by the day. The two were spotted on a romantic dinner date in London earlier this week, and rumor has it the rapper has moved into her pricey Beverly Hills rental mansion so she doesn't have to live there on her own.

It sounds like T-Raww is ready to thrown down over Travis "stealing" his girl.

“Tyga is heading out on the road and he’s scheduled to be criss-crossing Europe at the same time as Travis. Although the guys aren’t scheduled to be in the same cities at the same time, Tyga would love to cross paths so that he could confront him and move in on Kylie. He really doesn’t think it’s cool for one man to go after another man’s girl when they are still having problems. He definitely wants to have words with Travis about it. If Travis wasn’t in the picture, Tyga knows Kylie would already be back with him like always," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

He should have put a ring on it when he had the chance!