We can't tell if this is so raw and real that no one believes his honesty; some sort of life-as-performance-art joke; a trick that turns out to be a social commentary on being gay in the rap world and coming out ... Wha?!

Tyler, The Creator's new album, the title of which we'll shorten to Flower Boy, features lines like "I've been kissing white boys since 2004," and on the single "Garden Shed," Tyler raps that he's been "in the woods with flowers, rainbows, and posies." He goes on, in other tracks, to reveals that he's looking for a boy who looks like Leonardo DiCaprio and brags that he's been riding with a guy who looks like River Phoenix.

But this has been going on for a long time ... Tyler said in a Rolling Stone interview in 2015:

RS: "Why all the gay humor?"
Tyler: “Because I’m gay as f*&k."
RS: "Seriously, are you gay? Are these repressed feelings?"
Tyler: “No, but I am in love with ’96 Leonardo DiCaprio. I one hundred percent would go gay for ’96 Leo. Oh, and Cole Spouse.”

And here's where Kendall Jenner comes in ... last year the two were seen hanging out -- we have pix of them earlier this year, with pals Hailey Baldwin and Frank Ocean -- and rumors spread they were dating. Tyler took to Twitter to clear up the reports, by writing ...

We're both gay??!!! And he Tweeted AT Kendall! Believe it or not, it certainly appears Tyler's outed himself ... could Kendall come along for the ride?