Who knows what to believe these days!

Bella Thorne squeezed in a workout in Hollywood yesterday, and she wasn't her usually chatty self when our videographer asked her about Scott Disick! We wonder why?

The actress is now dating rapper Blackbear after months of a secret hookups with The Lord, and although she says she was never "sexual" with Kourtney Kardashian's ex, we think she's lying. According to a new report from Star, the pink haired beauty and LD got it on during her shoot for Liam Payne's music video!

"He arrived halfway through and Bella said she needed ‘a break. Then they locked themselves in her trailer! She told everyone to go away and carried on fooling around with Scott. It was rude, crude and lewd," a source dished to the mag.

The 19-year-old wild child sounds like she doesn't know what she wants! Blackbear might want to think twice before assuming they're in an exclusive relationship.

"She’s still single as far as she is concerned. She’s just having fun and dating around. She doesn’t want to make anything serious with anyone right now. Anyone who likes her shouldn’t get the wrong idea," a source told Hollywood Life.

She's so all over the place!