She's got a short fuse.

Blac Chyna dropped by the studio with her entourage in tow yesterday, and she was in no mood to joke around with photographers. Our guy asked her if she's still trying to go by the name Angela Kardashian, and she flipped! "Don't play with me; don't disrespect me!" she snipped. Clearly she wasn't in the best frame of mind after getting the cops called on her earlier in the morning!

Apparently, the former stripper went off on her neighbor after they began construction around 9AM and it woke up daughter Dream. The neighbor felt Chy was out of control and decided to call the police to settle the dispute. Although no arrests were made and everything ended up fine, the video vixen was clearly testy the rest of the afternoon.

The mother-of-two is trying to get her music career off the ground, and Rob Kardashian is having a good chuckle about it!

"Rob has had some major laughs thinking about Blac Chyna trying to rap. And even if she goes after Rob in her raps he thinks she will be so bad that it won’t matter because she will just be embarrassing herself. He is actually kind of looking forward to see her fail and thinks she will be even worse than K-Fed," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

It's funny how important she thinks she is these days!