In fact, they couldn't help but chuckle when we asked if they were going to get engaged!

Blac Chyna rocked a blonde wig and sported some midriff for a date with boyfriend Mechie yesterday in LA, and it seems like she's letting their togetherness do the talking. Just the other week, it was reported the video vixen had dumped the unknown rapper because of his flirting with other women, but we guess that's not the case!

Rob Kardashian has all but disappeared since BC slapped him with a restraining order, and now her mom is speaking out about all their drama!

"Rob, he has no idea actually of the extent of what he actually did from the beginning. From calling [Chyna] names, to accusing her of [cheating with] her baby's dad. He wouldn't want her to talk to him. A lot of things. And she would actually appease this guy. At the end of the day, he's gonna be Rob Kardashian, she's gonna be Blac Chyna, and I'm gonna be Tokyo Toni," she told The Fam In The Morning radio show.

"She wasn't cheating on Rob at all. It's all internet rumors. A woman of Chyna's status, she can not be around people that aren't strong mentally, physically. She can't do it. It's a trust issue that [Rob] has, not Chyna — mind you, she's the female," she added.

Are we the only ones that think Chyna's choice in men is super weird?