No need to freak out, girl!

Blac Chyna looked ready to pounce into fierce mama bear mode when our videographer told her that Kim Kardashian had posted about Dream on Instagram, but as soon as she realized it was something cute, she relaxed and seemed flattered.

Kanye's wifey took to social media yesterday to poke fun at her own crying face, and used BC and brother Rob's baby girl as an example of how crying is actually done. "Even her cry face is pretty! I'm gonna take notes!" she captioned a photo of herself holding the distraught little princess.

The former stripper claimed she hadn't seen the post, but we ALL know that she follows the K clan's every move.

Things have been shockingly quiet between the video vixen and the sock designer lately, as they work out a custody agreement. Still, rumor has it Dream spends the majority of her time with her father and nannies, and that's probably for the best. Chy is too busy trying to stay famous, make money, and add notches to her bedpost!

Even her cry face is pretty! I'm gonna take notes!

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