Just what we don't need!

Blac Chyna is looking to launch a music career, and has been taking meetings with executives in hopes of scoring a recording contract, TMZ reports. The former stripper is looking to pal Nicki Minaj as a mentor, after starring in the rapper's new "Rake It Up" music video.

"The sky is the limit for Chyna. She’s already gotten a huge come up, but the more she gets, the more she wants. Chyna feels like she can do anything right now, all the doors are opening for her — it’s crazy!” a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"She just shot a music video with Nicki and people are even telling her to get into music too. She’s started dipping her toes in because she’s always loved singing and is now thinking about going for it for real. Nicki is encouraging her like crazy. Having that kind of weight behind her is huge. Chyna really feels like anything is possible!” a source added.

She'll stop at nothing for fame and fortune. The only thing missing from this equation is talent!