She doesn't seem too concerned about all the drama!

Blac Chyna landed at LAX after doing a club appearance in Philadelphia over the weekend, and the video vixen must have been really feelin' herself, because she couldn't stop taking selfies as she made her way through the airport. Before she jetted out of town, BC tried to steal Rob Kardashian's Range Rover after a meeting with their lawyers! Yes, you read that right.

The mother-of-two attempted to "take back" the ride she gifted to her ex-boyfriend, but her legal counsel advised her it was the wrong move, and she calmed down enough to get out of the vehicle.

It sounds like the former couple's attempts to work out a custody agreement aren't going well, though, and it's very possible they end up in court for a hearing on September 18.

"Rob and Chyna only have contact with their lawyers present. [They] disagree on several issues when it comes to Dream," a source dished to People. "Things are pretty tense right now. Rob won’t give into Chyna’s demands. It could get very ugly," the source added.

Once she's not associated with the K clan anymore, nobody is going to care about her, so we doubt she's going down without a fight!