What happened to not negotiating with terrorists?!

HBO has offered the hackers threatening to release Games of Thrones episodes and info $250K, and they're calling it a "bounty payment" as they scramble to get the situation under control.

"[HBO] offers the money as part of a program in which 'white-hat professionals' are rewarded for identifying cyber security flaws," the emails read, according to Variety. The email was worded in a way where they could buy time before the hackers release any sensitive data, and they also requested a full week to make the payment.

The $250K is just a fraction of "six months salary" request the hacker originally asked for, so who knows what they're going to do. Last week, they leaked a months worth of emails from HBO's vice president as well as a summary for the upcoming GOT episode.

The hackers, who claim to make $12-15 million a year, claim to have more data, including scripts, upcoming episodes of HBO shows and movies, and information damaging to HBO.

This isn't quite as bad as the Sony hacking scandal, but it definitely isn't good!