All that praying has made him a ray of sunshine!

Justin Bieber arrived at LAX today with his pastor to catch a flight out of town, and the singer was in an usually good mood as he greeted photographers at the curb. JB just spent the last three days at the Zoe conference in LA, which was a huge gathering for his Hillsong church. Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez were a couple of other famous faces that attended!

The Biebs has been turning to religion to cope with mental burnout from his Purpose tour, and it appears to be working! The "Sorry" crooner apologized to his fans for pulling the plug on the remainder of his tour stops, but what we thought was interesting was his focus on becoming a better man for the sake of his future.

"Im grateful for the tours but most of all I am grateful i get to go through this life WITH YOU.! Learning and growing hasn’t always been easy but knowing I im not alone has kept me going. I have let my insecurities get the best of me at times. I let my broken relationships dictate the way I acted toward people and the way I treated them! i let bitterness, jealously and fear run my life.!!!! I am extremely blessed to have people in the past few years help me build my character back up reminding me of who I am and who I want to be!!! Reminding me my past decisions and past relationships don't dictate my future decisions and my future relationships," he wrote on Instagram.

"I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind heart and soul to be sustainable. So that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be. This message is just an opportunity for you to know my heart, I'm not expecting anyone to understand, but I do want people to have an opportunity to know where I am coming from!" he added.

He doesn't go anywhere without his God squad these days!