He rolls with his God squad everywhere these days!

Justin Bieber hit the Peppermint Club to party it up with one of his pastors last night, but just hours earlier, he was wrapping it up at the Zoe church conference with ex Hailey Baldwin. JB and the model both attended the three day affair, along with his other ex Selena Gomez. We're surprised Kourtney Kardashian didn't join in on the fun, as she hangs with this crowd on a regular basis too!

It sounds like some worship is exactly what The Biebs needed, after abruptly canceling his Purpose tour to focus on himself.

"Justin is hanging out in L.A. with friends. He feels really bad to disappoint many of his fans. This is why he decided to write the open letter. He still feels he made the right decision. He started out in the business as a kid, but he is older now. He wants to have control over his life and health. He hasn’t been feeling well mentally for a while. Canceling the tour was the right thing for him,” a source dished to People.

"He needed to take a break and just focus on himself. He is doing better already. He is focused on his spiritual journey. He wants to be stronger mentally," the source added.

Another source tells X17 that the "Sorry" crooner wanted to turn his life around, and handed things over to a higher power with the help of some pals.

"Justin has always been religious, but he went through a period of years where he lost connection with God. He was hanging out with bad influences like Lil Za, egging his neighbors homes, and acting like a total brat. He recognized it, and turned to people like pastors Carl and Rich to guide him. He feels like they're his genuine friends who could care less about his fame, and he looks to them for advice. Being famous can be incredibly isolating, and he feels like he's found a home in the church."

We think it's pretty funny that Selena, Hailey, and Kourtney all go to church religiously now. Are they really into it, or are they just chasing after Justin?!