Is nowhere sacred anymore?!

Justin Bieber was peppered with questions about his falling out with Floyd Mayweather as he left church last night in LA, and the singer couldn't help but lecture the photographers on their inappropriate behavior. Religion has really changed him though, because instead of flipping out like he used to do, he calmy tried to get his point across. In any case, he didn't want to talk about his beef with the boxer!

"It's pretty ridiculous. It's honestly atrocious what you guys are doing here. It's beyond words. I can't even describe how disrespectful it is, you yelling that stuff out here. I just want you guys to know that, alright? It's atrocious. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Anywhere else but church!" he said out his car window as he drove off.

Rumor has it JB's pastors didn't think Mayweather was the best influence on the "Sorry" crooner, and urged him to distance himself from the sparring champion. It didn't sit well with poor Floyd, either! After the Canadian sensation unfollowed him on social media, the athlete went "insane" and called him a "traitor." Yikes!

We doubt The Biebs will be sitting ringside in Las Vegas this weekend to see the epic fight go down, but maybe this is all a big PR stunt to promote the match?

Earlier in the day, the chart topper got a visit from his protegee Madison Beer at the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills. We're surprised these two haven't hooked up already... or have they?