Music isn't his top priority anymore!

Justin Bieber attended his Hanes x Karla white t-shirt launch at Maxfields in West Hollywood last night, and had his entourage of church buddies on hand for moral support. The singer collaborated with his stylist to make the perfect tee for only $30, and we guess fashion and God are more important than performing at this point in his life.

JB left the event with his pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. and headed over to Catch to dine with pastor Carl Lentz. Both Wilkerson Jr. and Lentz are part of Hillsong church, which has taken The Biebs under its wing and guided his spiritual awakening in recent months.

There's a lot of speculation that the "Sorry" crooner was urged to cancel his Purpose tour by the church, but they say that's totally false. Rumors are also swirling that the Canadian pop star is fast becoming the Tom Cruise of Hillsong, but sources tell us Bieber's dedication to religion is solely his own.

A source tells X17:
    "Justin has always been religious, but he went through a period of years where he lost connection with God. He was hanging out with bad influences like Lil Za, egging his neighbors homes, and acting like a total brat. He recognized it, and turned to people like Carl and Rich to guide him. He feels like they're his genuine friends who could care less about his fame, and he looks to them for advice. Being famous can be incredibly isolating, and he feels like he's found a home in the church."

We're surprised his church services haven't been flooded by Beliebers, since we all know where to find him these days!