He's ready to get his om on!

Justin Bieber is escaping the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and going on a two week silent yoga retreat in India, Life & Style reports.

"Justin wants some peace and quiet. On this yoga retreat, you aren’t even allowed to have your cellphone on. He’s fairly new to yoga and has only been to a few classes, but he’s become really passionate about it because it helps him relax, focus and escape the stress of everyday life," a source dished to the mag.

So what inspired him to make the journey?

“Justin is adamant about leading a normal life. One of the good things about going on a silent yoga retreat is that he won’t have any screaming fans to contend with," the source added.

It sounds like The Biebs is doing better than ever after canceling his Purpose tour to focus on his spirituality and spending time at church.

"Justin has a really deep faith, and he truly loves God. He has found a church family that accepts him and loves him for who he is, not for his fame or money," another source told People.

Imagine all the yogis' faces when JB shows up!