All anyone's talking about this weeks is Taylor Swift's new album Reputation and all the hype leading up to the release of the first single "Look What You Made Me Do." So is that what Kanye's talking about, too?

We caught the rapper/producer/designer/Mr. Kardashian on his cell phone in an intense discussion Friday as he left his office as literally EVERY SINGLE web site that gives even a single F about Taylor and/or Kanye and many of those that don't, were reporting that Taylor's Reputation merch uses the same gothic font that West used for his insanely popular Life of Pablo merch.

Obviously we all know about the two performers' longstanding beef with each other after Kanye took to the MTV VMA's stage back in 2009 to rant about how Beyonce was robbed of the Best Female Video award in favor of TSwiz's "You Belong With Me." Well, they eventually kissed and made up, but there's always been a bit of tension there -- which isn't uncommon for Swift and her frenemies -- I mean her single is "Look What You Made Me Do." She's singing (barely) about how her enemies have screwed her over and that seems to be the ongoing theme for Ms. Swift these days -- her vs. Katy Perry, her vs. the dude that grabbed her ass, her vs. Nicki Minaj, her vs. Kanye ... and on and on.

So were Taylor and her team intentionally ripping of Kanye? YOU decide!