She's not playing nice anymore!

Kathy Griffin has gotten so much backlash for that photo of her posing with a Donald Trump-esque severed head, and while she initially fell on her sword, now she's officially over saying sorry!

The comedienne appeared on Australia's Sunrise show to promote her upcoming international tour, and got defensive when host Samantha Armytage asked if her actions were out of line in regards to the POTUS.

"You're full of c***. Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing," she fired back.

"So the picture happened, the outrage was ridiculous, I made an apology, and now in light of all the crazy stuff that he (Trump) and this administration are doing... He's unhinged. I'm no longer sorry," she added.

The fallout over her bad joke has been pretty epic. She was fired from hosting CNN's New Year's Eve Celebration, many of comedy shows were canceled, her friendship with Anderson Cooper was ruined, and she was investigated by the Secret Service... all over a stupid photo!

Personally, we're Team Kathy! There are bigger things going on in the world!