Not so fast!

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are not performing together at the VMAs, despite reports to the contrary.

"That’s not happening as far as [I know]. I’ve certainly seen all the rumors flying around, but that’s not happening," Garrett English, a producer, told Entertainment Tonight. "There’s nothing happening right now. But wouldn’t that be great? But no," he added.

It's super not happening once T-Swizz sees KP's new "Swish Swish" video. The pop princess released it this morning, and it contains more than a few thinly veiled references to their longstanding feud.

The "Bad Blood" songstress' retaliation should be coming today, as she's set to release her first single of her upcoming album Reputation. She's posted a million snake videos hinting at the subject matter of her new tune, and you just KNOW it's about her nemesis!