It certainly seems that way!

Kendall Jenner had a hot dinner date with Blake Griffin at Craig's in LA last night. The only problem? He has a longtime girlfriend and two kids! The Clippers star has been with Brynn Cameron for years, and now all of a sudden he's popping up around town with Kenny. What's going on?

We spotted them hanging out at Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott's concert the other week, and now they're breaking bread without their significant others in tow... something is definitely up! Hailey Baldwin and NBA star Chandler Parsons were also at the meal, but it's still weird. Not only that, but what happened to A$AP Rocky? The supermodel has been in a low key romance with the rapper for at least a year, but he seems to have vanished.

The Victoria's Secret stunner and the athlete also spent a cozy weekend in the Hamptons in mid-August, so this has been going on under people's noses for at least the last month.

Earlier in the night, the fashion darling hit up Hillsong church with her sister Kourtney. The topic of adultery should have been the sermon for the evening!

Hey Kendall, you have a new boo you want to tell us about?