Nobody knows a good workout better than Khlo$!

Khloe Kardashian threw on her sportiest attire and headed to the YMCA to film What The Fit? with Kevin Hart yesterday, and her booty was looking mighty juicy in those black spandex leggings! No wonder the comedian couldn't resist sneaking a peek at her behind! It was an innocent mistake, but it doesn't help his image among all these cheating claims!

Hart's pregnant wife Eniko Parrish recently wrote on Instagram that they've been together for eight years, which was news to his ex Torrei.

"Numbers don’t lie. Dates don’t lie at the end of the day. She forced my hand to address this publicly. The most important thing to me is my children, so if my children see something that she’s writing that makes me look like a liar, no," she told TMZ.

The stand-up legend seemed to deny the whole thing in an Instagram story he posted after the situation started making headlines.

"Going to be honest with you people, I’m at a point where I can’t even be shocked anymore. All I do is laugh man. Even after writing a book, a very good book, about my life in great detail … [it’s] still not enough? Even after talking about my life in my stand up specials, a lot of stand up specials, you actually see me grow as a man through my stand up specials, still not enough? This will act as nothing but material for your boy," he said in the video.

There's nothing better for stress than exercise!