We don't blame her.

Kim Kardashian is having her lawyers draw up a mid-nuptial agreement to protect her and her children, because she's worried about Kanye's messy finances and upcoming lawsuits, Radar reports.

"He’s making all kinds of deals right now that are very high stakes, and Kim’s nervous. [Kim] wants everything looked over with a fine-tooth comb, especially as her kids are so involved and potentially impacted at this point," a source dished to the site.

"Kim’s worried sick about Kanye’s current situation, which has incurred millions in legal fees already and is only getting more expensive and complicated. She wants to protect herself, and for all her faults nobody could blame her," the source added.

The rapper filed a $10 million lawsuit against his insurance company late last month for failing to pay out the lost profits on his canceled Saint Pablo tour, and now they're digging around to see what dirt they can find on him, in hopes of weaseling out of payment obligations. Apparently, right before his mental breakdown, 'Ye was captured on video rambling about drug usage and "taking pills," specifically Percocet painkillers.

"This whole lawsuit can blow up in Kanye’s face because if this goes to trial, then all of his and Kim Kardashian’s secrets will come out. Kanye has opened a can of worms by launching this lawsuit. What comes out could be devastating to Kanye, his marriage to Kim, and the Kardashian family," another source dished to In Touch.

None of this is helping his marriage to Kim, but they're sticking it out because their third child is on the way via surrogate.

"They’ve got a long way to go, but they want to have their marriage rock solid by the time their new baby arrives. They’ve just never been the same since Kanye’s breakdown and it’s taken a lot of work to get them to this point. They’re doing couple’s therapy and making a big effort to reconnect," the first source added.

None of this sounds good!