You've been working out, we get it!

Kourtney Kardashian has done nothing all summer except for post pics of her bikini bod, and while she looks amazing, it's getting pretty boring. She's almost 40-years-old and it seems like she's trying to prove she's still young and hot. It's probably because she's dating someone almost half her age!

Speaking of her romance, things are really heating up between the reality star and boy toy Younes Bendjima!

"Kourtney is having a ball with Younes, he’s exactly what she needed after the hell she went through with Scott [Disick, 34] — he’s like a breath of fresh air. They’re keeping things pretty casual still, and just having fun, neither of them want to be in a a serious committed relationship right now, so it’s perfect," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

"Younes hasn’t met the kids, and Kourtney doesn’t want to introduce him to them at this stage, but if things were to become more serious between them then obviously she would. Right now though, Kourtney is just enjoying letting her hair down, and being someone other than just a ‘mom.’ Dating Younes has given Kourtney a much needed new lease on life, she didn’t realize just how much all the drama with Scott had been bringing her down, until now," the source added.

The Lord must be kicking himself right now!