That's one way to keep people's attention!

Kylie Jenner is known for her plastic surgery enhanced physique, and she couldn't help but show off her plumped up booty on Instagram over the weekend. She probably wants people to talk about something other than her less-than-stellar Life of Kylie ratings, since rumor has it she's distraught over how few people are tuning in.

"Kylie is not taking this very well and she is putting the blame on everyone but herself! She is blaming Kris for focusing more on Kim’s makeup launch than on her reality show and she is telling everyone in the family that it is not her fault that people are not interested in her show," a source dished to Radar.

"The family was really hoping that Kylie’s show was going to save the Kardashian’s reality TV reign, not hurt their brand as it seems to have done. She is super distressed right now and is currently scrambling to shoot new material that will appeal to the audience. She is also blaming it on the editing team, which she says was hired by her mother and of course, she is blaming it on the time slot!" the source added.

Scott Disick was right, when he said the K clan would be nothing without their butts!