The internet is having a FIELD DAY with First Lady Melania Trump's choice of footwear and she and President Trump left for Texas today to assess the damage by Hurricane Harvey and to visit with victims.

Her haute couture speaks for itself -- shiny, cropped olive bomber, ankle-length black trousers, and Loubs -- or whatever they are -- but 5-inch, pointed-toe black heels ... to go wade in the water ... to visit Americans who've lost everything ... to comfort those in need and those who have lost loved ones ... to roll up her (starched) sleeves and help. Uh, yeah.

And yeah, should we be focusing on the victims of Hurricane Harvey and not worrying about Melania's heels? No -- we'll leave that to the rest of the media; Texas is getting plenty of coverage. We prefer to make fun of FLOTUS:

One Twitter user has a solution for Mrs. Trump: