She's really digging for gold!

Miley Cyrus killed time waiting in the car for fiance Liam Hemsworth this morning by picking her nose! The singer fished for boogers when she thought nobody was watching, but once she noticed photographers, she immediately looked embarrassed. At least she didn't eat it!

The couple recently sparked rumors that they'd secretly tied the knot, after the Aussie actor was spotted with what looked to be a wedding band on his finger, but they're not Mr. and Mrs. just yet.

"He wears that ring as more of a 'promise' to Miley, but they are not officially married. The only thing that is missing is the legal piece of paper. The pair is not focused on planning a wedding at this time. They are more focused on making their love as strong as possible," a source dished to E! News.

"Miley and Liam are in a really good place because they truly understand each other. Their families spend a lot of time together and are basically one unit. It is a really good situation right now and no one is in any rush to the altar. Their favorite thing to do as a couple is spend time with both of their families and they dedicate their weekends to family get-togethers," the source added.

We wonder what the action star will think, when he sees what his lady does when he's not watching?!