This is really freaky!

Selena Gomez has a long lost twin, and her name is Sofia Solares! The 22-year-old beauty lives in Mexico, and has turned into a celebrity overnight because of her resemblance to the "Bad Liar" songstress. We have a feeling Justin Bieber has already slid into her DMs!

The brunette bombshell is flattered by the comparisons, but she's not trying to emulate everything SG does.

"Honestly, with time I've already gotten used to people saying, ‘You look like Selena Gomez,' wherever I've been...It's not something that I dislike, but I like it better when they love me for being myself," she told E! News.

"There are occasions where she can put something on or change her look etc. and when I like something I wear it or I'll do it because it truly inspires me, but I always try to stay true to myself. I mean, it's great that I look like her, but I don't want to lose myself trying to be someone that I'm not!" she added.

We guess it's true what they say, that everyone in the world has someone that has their exact same face!