What is going on?

Taylor Swift mysteriously wiped all her social media accounts clean last week and offered no explanation, but she returned today to share a bizarre clip of a snake slithering across the screen on Instagram. Is she hinting at new music? Or is she trying to get the maximum amount of attention by playing coy with her followers? We're so confused!

Rumor has it T-Swizz has been hard at work on a new album during her time out of the spotlight, and we have a feeling "Snake" could be the first single off of it. We wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the tune was written about her famous feud with Kanye and Kim over that whole "Famous" lyrics debacle.

Or it could be a revenge ballad aimed at Katy Perry! KP wouldn't shut up about their bad blood while promoting her album Prism, but Tay Tay took the high road and stayed silent... maybe until now!

Only Taylor Swift can eclipse the eclipse!

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