What's going on here?! First, Scott Disick made a surprise appearance at New York Fashion Week, hanging with a solo Kim and his would-be mother-in-law Kris Jenner at the annual event. Why isn't Kanye with Kim? Why is Kris acting like Scott's sober coach? Why is Scott sitting front row with little rich-kid vixen Sofia Richie? Why is Bella Thorne at Fashion Week ... to chase Scott? So many questions!

Rumors have been floating that Bella's making her best effort to show up at the shows where she knows Scott will be and to attend the after-parties she knows he'll attend. Why can't she let go? Well after her unexpected jaunt to Cannes with Scott early in the summer, when she ended up leaving France early and leaving Scott behind to have a string of hookups, it seems Bella never quite got Scott out of her system.

But is the young party girl the best influence for Scott, who was recently held on a 5150 psychiatric hold and is now reported to be considering rehab?! Probably not ... and we're guessing that's why mama bear Kris Jenner is keeping a close watch on her grandchildren's daddy.