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Now this is a snap back!

Beyonce gave birth to twins less than three months ago, but she's already shed all her baby weight... and then some! The "Lemonade" songstress flaunted her curves in hot pink pants and a blouse on Instagram, and we seriously don't know how she managed to drop so many pounds so quickly! She looks fab!

If you believe a new report, though, Queen Bey still isn't satisfied with her body, and plans to go to great lengths to slim down if she can't do it naturally.

"It’s ridiculous, because Beyonce looks sensational and has shed a ton of weight since the arrival of her son and daughter. She’s mortified over everything from her supposed double chin and flabby arms to her butt and thighs," a source dished to Radar.

"She’s been in tears, complaining how the rest of the weight just won’t go away no matter how hard she diets and she can’t believe she’s squeezing into size 11 or 12 dresses. She insists she has at least 30 more pounds to lose, and she is talking about extreme liposuction if regular exercise doesn’t start to have more of an effect," the source added.

We think she looks bootylicious!