First they're reconciling, and now they're in a rush for it to be over... what's the real story?!

Brad Pitt is tired of his drawn out split with Angelina Jolie, and so he's planning to take steps to speed up the proceedings, In Touch reports.

"[Brad] is planning on asking his lawyer to speed up the divorce," a source dished to the mag. So how is that accomplished? Through a bifurcation, which would essentially make him and Angie single before they finish hashing out the financial and custody agreements.

"Restoring his status to a single person isn’t about Brad going out on the town and dating, but about his beginning a new chapter. There has been little progress in getting close to a settlement. Brad has had enough. He’s ready to officially take back control of his life. His life has been at a standstill while he’s spent a year appeasing Angelina. He wants to move on to the next phase of his life without having his hands tied by her — and he wants it soon," the source added.

Maybe he's got a lady waiting in the wings that he wants to go public with? Like Sienna Miller?