Justin Bieber has FINALLY spoken out about his ruptured relationship with champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and we have the EXCLUSIVE video!

As Biebs headed to luxe steakhouse Mastro's Monday night for dinner, he finally revealed to us why he and the boxer are no longer friends but saying, "You need to put out boundaries and stuff like that."

Okay, so reports that Justin distanced himself from Mayweather before the big Conor McGregor fight because his Hillsong pastor Carl Lenz helped him to rid his inner circle of bad influences appears to be true! Still, Bieber added insult to injury when, before the big Aug. 28th fight, he told reporters there was no way Mayweather would knock out McGregor. Ouch! Aaaaand he unfollowed the boxer on Instagram -- double ouch!

Well it seems Justin has no regrets. He's focused on a healthy lifestyle and being close to God and if being a part of Mayweather's Money Team prohibits that, then he's out!