He has a point!

The old Justin Bieber would have flipped out and thrown eggs or something, but the new religious JB calmly schooled photographers trying to take his picture after church last night. Paps now know where they can find The Biebs on an almost daily basis, and he's sick of them ruining his high vibe after services!

"Take your photos. Now let's chat. Put your cameras down. Guys, I don't know how many times I gotta tell you guys this, it's absolutely ridiculous that you guys are doing this outside of service. Outside of church?! You guys got hearts, right? Listen, everywhere else... but this right here, this is something... man, I can't look at God and be like, 'Man these guys are doing what you want them to do.' Like, this is ridiculous," he scolded.

"I just want you guys to know it's preposterous, it is not cool, it is awful, it is mean. I'm sure you're taping it and you got all that stuff. This is the place where I get rest for my soul. I get rest for my soul, and then I come out here and it's pandemonium. You take all the shit I just did in there, and you just take it away. That's not nice, I just wanted you guys to know," he added.

Now we get why he previously said fame feels like being a zoo animal!