He's already got more than his fair share of stress!

Kanye West looked pretty down in the dumps as he left the studio last night, and it makes us wonder if the rapper is really ready to welcome another baby with Kim? The couple are expecting their third child via surrogate in January, and along with all the other chaos in his life right now, we're slightly worried it might throw him over the edge again.

Yeezy is still recovering from his mental breakdown this past October, and in addition to that, he's currently embroiled in a lawsuit with his insurance company over his canceled Saint Pablo tour. Also, it was just reported that he removed the Yeezy Season 6 show from the New York Fashion Week calendar without any explanation. Add in some ongoing drama with Taylor Swift, and it's a recipe for disaster!

Rumors have been swirling that 'Ye's mental health crisis was caused by prescription pill abuse, and that he secretly went to a Malibu rehab after being released from the hospital after Thanksgiving. These details are part of the reason his insurance company is refusing to pay him the $10 million in lost profits from his concerts, and since he countersued, it's very likely all of his darkest secrets will come to light.

The Louis Vuitton Don sounds like he's just trying to keep his head above water!