We're starting to wonder what's really going on.

If he was like most dads, Kanye wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off his face now that he and Kim are expecting a baby girl, but that's not exactly the case. The past few times we've seen him, he seems depressed and totally emotionless. It's very possible that they put him on some medications after his mental breakdown that dulled his mood, but we're wondering if we're ever going to see that old Yeezy grin!

You know he's not in a great place when he skips New York Fashion Week! Kimmy K is in the Big Apple going to all the shows, rubbing elbows with all the industry big wigs, and making the rounds, and usually 'Ye wouldn't miss that for the world! Instead, he decided not to show his collection this year.

"There was never a show on the NYFW schedule. There was basically a hold in the event Kanye opted to show during NYFW. There will be a presentation or showroom for the Season 6 collection, just not during NYFW," a source dished to People.

Let's hope the Louis Vuitton Don can handle another kid without being thrown over the edge!