This may be a not so beautiful nightmare!

In the days leading up to his breakdown and hospitalization last October, Kanye West recorded secret footage that could ruin his marriage and career if leaked, Radar reports.

Private emails between Yeezy's lawyers and his Saint Pablo tour insurers reveal that the rapper's team permitted the insurance underwriter's attorneys, “to view more than 20 hours of video taken of Kanye during the four days leading up to his hospitalization, which graphically depicted the deterioration of his condition and mental breakdown.”

'Ye, however, refused to hand over physical copies of the tapes "for fear that a public release, intentionally or inadvertently, might hurt his career and, more importantly, destroy his marriage," his lawyer stated.

So what's so bad?

Well, apparently Yeezus rambled on about his drug use, and claimed his shaky mental state was brought on by "drugs, bad drugs." The father-of-three was allegedly taking a drug cocktail of liquid marijuana, Ecstasy-related party drug 2cb, anxiety pill Valium, and powerful painkillers Percocet and Demerol leading up to his meltdown.

Maybe he should have just taken the $10 million loss and avoided this lawsuit to keep his darkest secrets private?