She's got that glow!

We congratulated Katie Holmes on her relationship with Jamie Foxx when we caught her at NYFW yesterday, and her smile said it all! The actress recently went public with the actor after years of undercover dating, and now wedding and baby rumors are spreading like wild fire.

In fact, if you believe one report, the Dawson's Creek star is already "three months along" in a pregnancy, which is why the pair decided to quit hiding their romance.

"Katie had always wanted to have another baby and knew her biological clock was ticking - and, at long last, it's happening!" a source told NW magazine. "It's just perfect timing. Katie's always wanted a sibling for Suri and now she'll have a little sister," the source added, noting that it's a girl.

It certainly looks and sounds like Tom Cruise's ex is on cloud nine.

"Katie adores Jamie’s sense of humor. Like most of the world, she sees him as a genuinely wonderful and funny guy; she’s constantly laughing with him. He makes her very happy. Add to that the fact that he’s a wonderful father. She appreciates that and sees what he can bring to Suri [Cruise, her 11-year-old daughter with Tom] as a father figure. Jamie is basically a home run in all the important things that Katie needs in a relationship," a source dished to Hollywood Life.

Poor Tommy C must be holding auditions for a new girlfriend as we speak!