She's got bills to pay!

Kendall Jenner is currently in the Big Apple strutting her stuff on the NYFW catwalks, but we have a feeling she's doing a fair amount of Facetiming new boo Blake Griffin as well. The supermodel and the basketball star have been practically inseparable these past two weeks, but a girl's gotta fulfill her work commitments.

"[Kendall] is very much his type, physically. It's surprising that Kendall is being so public about this. She's usually extremely private about who she's dating, but she seems really into Blake and she's actually happy, so it's making her relax a bit," a source dished to ET.

It doesn't sound like the relationship will go the distance, though! "It's highly doubtful this is something that will last. It’s just a fun thing," the source added.

Apparently, Kenny is quite the player, because she's still keeping A$AP Rocky in her back pocket.

"She’s still talking to Rocky as well. But he isn’t the type to settle down or be a good boyfriend, so she’s playing the field too," another source dished to People.

Are we the only ones that think all her "dating" and "flings" are a big cover up for something else? Just sayin'...