They're almost there!

Kim and Kanye have people working around the clock to finish their $20 million Calabasas dream home before their surrogate gives birth to their third child in January, and based on these photos we took today, they're close! The couple bought the place in 2014, but have spent years and millions having it completely redone.

To speed up the process, it appears they've scraped plans for a massive private pond in the backyard, and replaced it with a sport's court instead. Landscaping has gone in, and the main residence looks to be complete. The only thing they need is a couple window installations, and poof... Chez West is livable!

During renovations, they added a 2-story playroom for Nori and Saint, as well as a hair salon for Kimmy and a recording studio for Yeezy. There's also a gym, basketball court, spa, and movie theater.

Before they tore it to pieces, the gated 15,667-square-foot home had 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and sat on three acres with vineyards. Perks included steam showers, a sauna, a gourmet kitchen with three islands, a game room, a wet bar, a library and a guest house with a fireplace. Outside there were two pools and hot tubs, a 1,050-square-foot "entertaining pavilion" with a fireplace, three fountains, and a garden. Who knows what remains!

For comparison, here's what it looked like just this past June...