What a difference a year can make!

Kim Kardashian chatted about social media, anxiety over her safety, and her kids being her top priority in a new interview with T Singapore, and it sounds like her outlook has totally changed following her Paris robbery last year.

“I definitely get a lot more anxiety now, just people knowing your every move. When you realize you can put a message out there and there’s so many people listening, you look at life differently," she explained of her hesitance to reveal too much on social media.

Kimmy K used to be all about the glam and the lavish lifestyle, but now she really only values spending time with her growing family.

"My whole world is my kids, it’s all I care about. From literally every last thing that they do, to what they wear, to all their activities. I love being their mom. I definitely don’t hang out with my friends as much just because I have to be with my kids," she admitted.

Since she's chosen to live more privately, a lot of her fans draw false conclusions about things, but she couldn't care less.

"It’s funny — so much can go on at home but if you don’t post about it, people think it never happened. So they’ll say, ‘She hasn’t posted with her sisters, she must be in a huge fight.’ But it’s not what consumes me anymore, like how it used to ...” she noted.

Is it bad to say we liked superficial Kim way more?!