It's not like she would admit it if it was true anyways!

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter this morning to slam a new People report, which claims she was pissed at Kylie for getting pregnant and stealing her thunder. The reality star also decided to deny Caitlyn Jenner confirmed the news while she was at it!

"This sounds like a very fake story. And speaking of fake stories... The media is super shady for posting fake quotes from Caitlyn when she hasn't spoke to anyone," she wrote on social media.

That's not what sources are saying!

"Her first reaction was, ‘Seriously?' She didn’t respond well at first. It’s like she and Kanye had gone on this whole journey to get pregnant for months, and now this happens to Kylie. She teared up. It definitely took a lot of time for her to process it. It came out of nowhere. It was the last thing on their radar. Kylie is just 20 and hasn’t been with [boyfriend Travis Scott] for very long. So no one saw this coming," a source tattled to the mag about Kimmy K's reaction.

"Of course Kim is happy for Kylie. She’s going to support Kylie 100 percent, no matter what. There’s never been any question about that. But it’s just a weird dynamic, after all that Kim did to intentionally have another child. It has taken a lot of time, energy and money for her to get pregnant, and now Kylie is having a baby around the same time," the source added.

The whole K clan is trying to see the LipKit queen's bun in the oven as a blessing, though.

“This is ultimately really great news, because it’s a new life. They realize that. The babies will be the same age, and will probably be very close. Family is everything for the Kardashians, so they’re going to focus on these new kids in the family. Everyone is genuinely happy," the insider revealed.

Kris Jenner's valuable attention is going to be spread pretty thin soon!