We're not buying it!

Kris Jenner did her best to gloss over Rob Kardashian's problems on the KUWTK anniversary special that aired last night, but the fact that he was a no-show was the elephant in the room!

Asked how the sock designer was doing by host Ryan Seacrest, the momager was quick on her feet and moved the conversation in a positive direction to avoid uncomfortable topics like her son's weight gain, depression, and legal battle with baby mama Blac Chyna.

"Rob’s great - he’s working on a new clothing line, and I see him every day because he lives down the street," she said as the rest of the K sisters looked visibly awkward.

It sounds like the troubled reality star is slowing moving forward after reaching a custody settlement with Chyna, though.

"Rob is okay. Ultimately, he mostly cared about hashing out a custody agreement for Dream. He loves his baby girl and she is his focus. Rob and Chyna have other issues they need to figure out, but this is a good start. Rob knows it was a huge mistake to get involved with Chyna, but baby Dream is his world. She is the most special gift," a source dished to People.

"Rob’s family keeps being supportive. There is no more, ‘What did we tell you?’ attitude. They just want Rob to move on. They all love baby Dream. They want Rob and Chyna to get along, because it benefits Dream," the source added.

It can't be easy when you want privacy and you're related to the Kardashian girls!