Kylie's wylin' out for BFF Jordyn Woods' 20th birthday -- to the tune of a new Mercedes SUV as a gift for her longtime bestie. A reportedly pregnant Kylie Jenner took her pal to the Malibu Wine Safari, some of the guests guzzled wine while, we assume, Kylie abstained. The crew enjoyed cupcakes and ... a CAR after the trip, when Kylie gifted Jordyn with a brand new, custom matte-painted Mercedes AMG GLE 43 with a big red bow on it (below).

The two are headed to Vegas as we speak, where they're set to party the night away in a club tonight. Hey, Kylie can still dance and enjoy, she just can't drink!

Meanwhile, fans are speculating that Kylie debuted her baby bump on Snapchat Friday on the occasion of Jordyn's b'day. She posed with her pals in front of the mirror in her foyer wearing a very baggy t-shirt and track pants. Compare that with a Snap she posted just two weeks ago, bearing her flat belly. Did she not know she was pregnant even two weeks ago? Is all of this breaking news for Kylie and her family, too?! Why else would Kris be in Milan with Kendall if she knew the news was gonna come out ... or if she even knew Kylie was pregnant at all?! #Whoopsiebaby